Ten things that modular car parking is better compared to permanent car parking

Here, we list down the benefits of constructing a modular car parking instead of traditional car park. 

  1. Time saved:
    A modular car park solution can save a lot of construction time. Modular designs are just like plug and play which helps in fast and consistent erection of the structure. The ramps and stairs are prebuilt too so that it can be rapidly attached to the modular structure. A 600 spaces car park facility can be made in 90 days. Yes, you read it right. If finance is a constraint for you, we do provide options for the system over 35 – 40 year leases.
  2. Money saved
    It requires very low maintenance cost when compared to traditional building methods. Okay, so you have decided to construct a multi-storey car park. Now you would be thinking of the costs involved and the possibilities of profitability. Here comes the importance of modular car parking. There are lots of aspects where steel construction outsmarts the traditional car parking construction. A few:
    • Time saved is money saved obviously. Early ROI we are talking about here. High degree of prefabrication allows very short construction times
    • Optimise the occupation of the car park
    • improve return on investment by gaining floor area
    • The average construction cost of a multi-storey car park is about 5000 euro per parking space. Using very economical construction methods, this figure can be reduced to 50% using modular technology
    • operating costs and the parking fees.
    • Profitability analyses show that steel framed structures are by far the most economical.
    • Steel structures in car parks are flexible and can adapt the space and size. Thus less structural changes during construction
    • Your money is right there and can be demounted and reconstructed somewhere else. We are not talking about traditional permanent solutions here.
    • Additional features like kiosks, service stations, petrol filling stations etc. can be added anytime to the structure without much difficulty.
  3. Environment friendly
    The carbon footprint made by a traditional car park solution is 10,470kg CO2 per parking space compared to 3,012kg of CO2 in modular car park construction method. That makes a huge different when we create 100s of parking spaces in a single facility.
  4. Can be constructed on light soil:
    Sometimes, it is practically impossible to construct a parking space in weak subsoil which requires deep foundations to be made to control the settlement. Even if you could make it, it might affect the stability of the structure in a long run. Designing a modular car park with lightweight steel structures which have reduced pile lengths and overall low weight of the structure makes it possible to provide a solution for car park construction on weak soil.
  5. Corrosion, fire protection and safety
    A highly durable steel structure is achieved using hot-dip galvanization which removes dust and other particles from the surface of the structure. In severe climates (for e.g. near to the sea) additional methods are used to protect the structure like additional painting. As it is cost effective to do so, a typical regular coat of paint lasts for around 10-20 years (Also, only limited by your imagination, you could get a fresh new appearance when you repaint it).
  6. Durability:
    The product is 100% permanent the same as a traditional car park build, if maintained properly it will have a 75 year lifespan.
  7. Flexible design:
    You are not restricted by anything when we talk about the design. The Façade can be built considering adequate rain protection and proper ventilation. A properly designed multistory car park system will have proper rainwater drainage facility and fire safety.
  8. Optimized space:
    The ramp arrangements inside the car parking facility is constructed taking into consideration about the sufficient ground clearance and space above. A modular steel structure provides lots of flexibility in adjusting the space so that more cars can be parked in less area.
  9. Off-site construction:
    There are times when we need the structure to be constructed off-site and transported to the building site when needed. For e.g if you are building a parking space in congested areas, this might be a better option. You will save some serious construction time too.
  10. Lighting inside the parking lots:
    Rest assured, you will save some serious savings on power bills here. A modular constructed parking lot will have plenty of ambient light due to its openness and ample sunlight falling into it. Also the electrical fittings and wiring will need only a fraction of the costs for installation.

You can read more about the Modular construction in this Wikipedia article



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