K1 Parking System

A specialist steel and concrete option with unique design and own modular steel frame solution which uses in-situ concrete cast in trays to provide either a single deck or a full multi-story car park.


We specialize in building modular car parks using Glass reinforced plastics (GRP). This is a cost effective solution and can be developed in a short time span. A value for money parking system.

This is a patented GRP car park system which is permanent but also demountable built offsite to provide fast build with minimal disruption for customers across all sectors.

With a team of extensive expertise and following international standards, our optimal and most economical parking solution is a boon for people who need to build a parking space for high rise/low rise buildings.

Hybrid parking system

The Hybrid system is a combination of the K1 & GRP systems providing the best of both worlds. Used only on multi-storey car parks the GRP element is utilised on the top floor providing a watertight roof which is also a parking deck. Using this method of construction, it allows all other trades to work on the levels below in a controlled environment without stoppages due to inclement weather. Site programmes can be guaranteed in this way.

This flexible, quick and cost effective hybrid system is environment friendly and the pre-fabricated elements can be fitted and installed on surfaces without traditionally excavated foundations. The finished car park can be dis-assembled and reassembled in another location and thus save lots of money.